Increase your sales by increasing the credibility of your website

Increase your sales by increasing the credibility of your website

According to a survey by MyIP web hosting provider, 73% of consumers do not feel comfortable giving financial and personal information to websites, because they are afraid that they may be intercepted. And this is not something that should surprise us if we take into account the news that comes out from time to time and relates to data breaches and hacking stories. Trust in a brand and a site is therefore the most important. In addition, another survey showed that 18% of consumers will abandon their shopping cart if they do not trust a site (Baymard 2020).

The bottom line is that if users do not trust a website, they will find it difficult to make a purchase.

Building and ensuring consumer trust is vital to any site. This article will focus on how a site can create a sense of security for the visitor, not only technically but also on a human level.

Increase reliability by offering encryption

Browsers inform potential customers about the security of a site. How; They examine whether or not each site has an SSL certificate and thus inform the visitor about whether it is safe to navigate or not. SSL helps browsers to identify who owns the site and enables the encryption of data exchanged between the server and the visitor.

To be sure that your site is marked as trustworthy by browsers:

  • Make sure you have an SSL certificate installed. Browsers will display a red “Not secure” mark to visitors to your site if it does not have SSL installed. This will result in many potential customers leaving your site. So, first of all, if you do not have SSL, get one and install it right away. Even if you have SSL, browsers can still display your site as insecure if you do not use the “HTTPS” protocol (How to fix it) or there is “mixed content” (How to fix it). So make sure you have SSL installed and that it works properly.
  • Upgrading to premium SSL certificates offers higher authentication and malware detection services. Although Domain Validated (DV) certificates offer data encryption and domain authentication, they give the minimum level of authentication. Premium SSL solutions, such as Organization Validated (OV) and Extended Validation (EV), “show” that a person has certified the physical address of the organization / company behind the site. In addition, premium SSL solutions may include malware scanning tools, enabling you to detect and act on small problems that may become more serious. EV SSL certificates offer the highest level of certification. They allow the browser to display to visitors information about the company for which the certificate was issued, with a single click. Thus, the visitor’s confidence is strengthened, as he knows that he is dealing with a real company.

SSL Certificates

Keep your website visitors safe, increase sales and improve your Google ranking with one of MyIP’s SSL certificates.

Boost trust by adding Human Elements to your site

Companies like Walmart and Amazon are taking advantage of the fact that they offer products that consumers already trust. How can your company stay competitive if your brand is not well known? Use recognized badges and testimonials to inspire confidence in your site visitors.

Site seals (Trust-Badges): Along with the aforementioned benefits of SSL certificates, site seals are also included, ie some security seals. These signals inspire confidence and enhance conversions. If you have obtained an SSL certificate from a large certificate authority, you need to make sure that it is properly installed and that the site seal is displayed. Many consumers recognize these stamps and understand that there is a third security factor that effectively secures them (Baymard 2020). In particular, a site seal at the point where payment information is requested, can significantly increase conversions. A study conducted by Conversion Fanatics (2017) showed a 71.1% increase in revenue per visitor after adding a site seal to the shopping completion page.

Awards and publications: Has your brand received an award or has it appeared in press releases? It is useful to present these awards on your site, as they help to build relationships of trust with your visitors.

Content from your customers and testimonials: Happy customers are usually enthusiastic about promoting your products or services. They write good reviews and put photos of your products. Take care to encourage your customers to share their positive experiences on the internet and you in turn to present them on your site. Testimonials validate your brand and help prospective customers spend their money in your store.

As your brand grows, there are effective and simple ways to inspire confidence in your website visitors. The more you increase the credibility of your brand, the better conversions you will have, maximizing your sales.

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