Foreplay: Is it necessary?

Some considered foreplay a process that “warms up” women for sexual intercourse. Most people now consider foreplay as an essential element of a complete sex experience, according to Athens Escorts.

Not that fast sex without foreplay is not a very powerful experience. Sometimes it can not be done otherwise, since the passion does not allow time delays.

At other times, however, the act of love takes the form of a ritual. And in this case, the climax is much stronger, when it has preceded.

For most men, the foreplay is a few brief moments between kissing and penetration, which is why they focus on the woman’s body.

But the truth is that a significant part of the foreplay takes place in the woman’s mind for this and the sexual arousal includes much more than kisses and touches even in her most erogenous zones.

That’s why it should necessarily include erotic phrases, preferably whispered in the ear.

But why is the foreplay in sex necessary?

Foreplay is an integral part of the sex process, in the sense that it shows in some way the consent between the two partners.

One could say that the foreplay is like warming up in a sports activity.

And that’s because in order to perform to the maximum of your potential, a good warm-up must have preceded.

The touch as well as the other foreplay will make you and your partner relax and so a process will start inside her that will excite her.

The foreplay also prepares the woman’s body for the sequel.

Foreplay also contributes positively to psychology. In general, the gentle touch is associated in the human brain with security and love, from the time of our infancy.

The erotic touch that takes place during the foreplay is a gift from one partner to another and represents the human union.

The erotic, relaxing, full of emotions touch brings the man emotionally close to the woman.

Especially in a long-term relationship, you may need to add new things to your sex life to maintain interest and keep enjoyment high.

In this case you can extend the time you spend on the foreplay or experiment with new ones, in order to increase the desire (yours and the woman’s) for sex.

During the foreplay, make sure that the movements are slow and that your kisses are directed towards every part of her body and not only the main erogenous zones.

And do not forget that many women complain that men do not spend enough time on foreplay. The purpose of the foreplay, then, is to get both people in an erotic mood.

So do not rush! Take your time and create the right atmosphere to increase the desire for sex to enjoy both what will follow.

The initiative belongs to him

 Well, since he wants her in sex in general, let the gentleman take full responsibility, is not it honest? This is the hunter, he must also completely conquer his prey. Therefore, do not completely deprive him of the possibility of initiatives, let him express himself and show you what he can do, the result will tell you a lot and will still be interesting…

You both do not need to overdo it

 Yes, and the other extreme is not always the best, anyway. The main act is the one that is your main hedonistic goal, so you must plan properly so that a) you are led to it smoothly and normally, b) you do not finish before you start serving the roast well. Balance is good to have, and you will find it together through practice. Golden Rule…

There are two members in foreplay

 Which means that the irritating choices, and in general whatever it entails, should either be mutually agreed upon, or meet the needs for a progressive and stress-free libido of both of you. To enjoy and not to offer is not right, just like in commercial transactions, the specific part of which you have to give and receive, you have to transfer as a philosophy to your bed.

You don’t need taboos

 You create these yourself, you load them and with a strong spray from your personal guilt spray and… tataaaaam, you have created the monster, in the view of which you enjoy screaming and running away in disgust. Nothing is surrounded by strict rules of ethics. And no one is able to test your relevant personal codes. So, do not create taboos from where they do not exist, do we agree?

Yes, it is possible to have good sex without foreplay, or with little foreplay, I do not say the opposite. If, however, you both become masters of these, then you must be sure that you will experience sexual experiences, more complete and voluptuously enjoyable, than you have ever imagined. I hope I enticed you enough to make the effort and discover them from the beginning. Dragging your boy to the relevant, crazy dance of pleasure.


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