Facebook Graph search for business: Yay or Nay?

As you might have observed on the welcome page of your Facebook account, a new social-driven search engines that allow FB users to locate people, pages and places through means of likes and shares has been recently launched. This search engine is known to have very good benefits for businesses in particular as it can potentially deliver very relevant and localized search results for its user in contract to search engines such as Google and YouTube which are slacking a bit these days.

So basically what we are talking about is a situation where we will start to depend on Facebook to tell us what the best Chinese restaurants in a city or town are rather than depending on Google for search results. Since SEO is directly associated with search engines, it may unfortunately lose its favor.

But since there are still millions of Google users who will continue to depend on the conventional search engines for their answers, SEO specialists will have to work twice as hard in order to provide advanced searching for users.

This is also to keep up with Facebook’s search engine which might prove to be easier to use. Let us not deny the fact that a search result cannot be depended on the likes alone as there is a possibility of a third party doing it for such businesses instead of actual and genuine customers. To read a review and solely depend on the advice of other customers might always be a better way to be the best judge of a search result. However, Facebook has always succeeded in everything it has done before and there is no doubt that this new graph search feature will definitely help place businesses on the highest pedestal.

Being the third main feature introduced to Facebook after timeline and newsfeed, the graph search will not only allow you to see which pages are linked on Facebook by your friends and known colleagues on your newsfeed or activity stream but by letting you directly search and collect this data instead. This Facebook graph search, the content will ensure display only the search results which are given permission to access.

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